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So this is my last time entering.  I entered 3 times throughout the grow. I figured it’s all in the smoke right!!  Well here’s the smoke.  This lady is really tasty!!  I cured it till my wedding weekend and when one of my wife’s friends tried it they asked what dispensary I got it from and I chuckled,  I said I grew that and rolled it myself what kinda grower you think I am lol. It’s got that flavor that just literally makes your mouth water!!  I have a HiGrade tester and it tested at 25% high quality bud for anyone who knows the tester.  But it’s not that it’s the collection of everything in the flower that you end up with that heavy feeling in your eyes and the top of your head is fuzzy!!!  After some munchies you drift off to no dreams what so ever your just out ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!