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These ladies are coming out so beautiful I just had to through her in the running for Dank nugs again!!!  I’ve been growing this cultivar for about 3 years now.  I started her from seed in my grow then moved it to a house grow I built at a different location.  The team had a serious falling out and when I went to get my equipment the house was torn apart. All the plants from veg were just thrown in a dark dirty corner off the flood and drain table for 24 hours or more. I managed to get her home and nurse her up enough to take cuts. I kinda think that’s y the purple is sooo vibrant, it has grown through every grow. These ladies are in an AcInfinity CloudLab 4×4 with a Cloudline T6 in-line fan exhausting to 2 Acinfinity carbon filters connected by a tee (I think the split does better than one big filter). I also receive a Cloud Ray Designer Edition clip on fan that is just amazing!!  Growing under an Optic LED Slim 650s with master controller. The master controller allows me to control my spectrum, which I have set to wake them up with red and put them to sleep with red for 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins at night. I have noticed a serious difference being able to wake them up and put them to sleep. I’m using 5 gallon RainScience Grow Bags with FoxFarm HappyFrog amended with Earth Dust by the Green Sunshine Company.  I use Recharge and Mammoth P as my microbe boosters.  During late flower I have been adding HPK and HP2 bloom boosters by Roots Organics.  I also switch my sugars in my soil between Trinity by Roots Organics and Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients.  The only reason I’m using Bud Candy is because of the different sugars for my microbes. I’m almost at the end of week 6 and will be cutting off inputs and starting to leach slowly.  The nose on her is fruity with a blast of old school haze which transfers over to dry cured bud!!