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Hello from France. As you might know the smoke situation here sucks. I’m originally from the US, 59 years old, my wife is French. Its not easy to score good herb here. The kids on the street are selling cbd as good smoke to these collage students and you never know who your dealing with. I’m considering a small grow. Seeds I can get seeds from Spain and its legal to have the seeds but not to grow. Can you please give me some advice and pointers on putting together a small small grow 1 or 2 plants max. Would you gave any contacts over here I could contact for advice?? I think I would need a good carbon filter system, again small, but something that would help reduce the smell, and also the noise.  I just found you guys recently, and I can tell the knowledge is flowing from you and your guests. I also need help with some terminology from the cannabis world. I hope I didn’t ramble on?? I appreciate you being out there, and I’ll be tuning in.  Peace ✌. Signed AP (Seeker of Knowledge) Have a happy day. Be safe out there.