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Whats growin on Dudes!? So the spring rain has been raising my humidity a bit nothing crazy 65% or so at night around 55% during the day and obviously goes up more when I water around 70% for a day. So I ordered a tiny dehu as Im very limited on space in the tent(2.5×2.5) and this POS doesn’t come close to keeping up. I run my 4 inch exhaust all the time and have 2 small fans for air movement, but going into flower I want to make sure I can keep my RH under control because its going to get much worse as summer progresses super humid in south VA.


Ive been checkin out some other small dehu’s will leave a link to the one Im thinkin of and was also wondering if those damp rid moisture absorbers do anything or just a waste. I have all my vents open with some black filter material over them to minimize light leaking no brighter than moonlight in there if that so I should be good. Ive been running my house ac on dehu and it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the tent so I feel like Im going to have to squeeze a little bigger one in the tent or some how keep it outside and duct it into the tent. Any thoughts? Trying to stay ahead of the game here before it gets outta control also not trying to dump $150-200 on a dehu either. Thanks again DGC!