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Hey guys. I am gathering all my materials and putting together my brand new room next week.
Ill be asking a lot of questions this week…thank god for the DGC

I want 100% smell control.
21x9x8.5 room split for 6×9 veg and 15×9 flower, divided by simple 2×4 panda poly wall.
2 ton mini split.
6 lights. 4x630CMH & 2×1,000 hps xxl hoods.

I will have can100 filter pulling air to an exhaust along with a Can50 in center of room scrubbing.
I have a gas dryer hookup in my room so i’m thinking of going co2 burner.

So i’m trying to have my cake and eat it too. I want a small vac in my room so as to have zero smell leaks other then what i send through the can, but also want to use co2.
What do u guys think?
Smell control is paramount, not just for the neighbors but for in the our house. My current grow wreeeeecks up the neighborhood and my gf is tired if her cloths smelling like nuits and the dank.

Thanks for any ideas guys! I’m starting from scratch in a new house so its go time 🙂