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Hey Captain Corner readers, I got a question from Zac about the “decarbing” process.  While answering the question, I realized this would be a great read for everyone, so here goes….

>>My girlfriend made some brownies with wax last weekend. She didn’t de-carb it. But just melted the wax in melted butter for about 10 mins. She used 1/2 stick of butter and 1/2 gram of wax. I didn’t get to have any because it was for her friends bachelor-ette party. What does the de-carb process accomplish?

That’s a great question, Zac.  The easiest way to explain it, is decarbing turns “smokable” THC, into “edible” THC.  Your gf’s end result, had SOME effect, but was probably 10x less potent than if she had decarbed as the recipe directs.  In a rush, it will work, but it is a waste of product.  The key to potent edibles, isn’t just THC content, it is the delivery mechanism to your body.

>>I didn’t get to have any because it was for her friends bachelor-ette party.

Handing out edibles at a party is a bad idea.  It sounds fun, but every one of us processes edibles differently.  So you’ll have one girl who is throwing up, and another girl who says, “I don’t feel anything”.  Much better to whip out a joint and pass it around, then go have some fun.  In a worse case scenario, the sick girl goes home, tells someone, and now you have people calling and asking questions.

With smoking, the effect is more consistent from person to person.  Some people have a much higher tolerance than others, but there is somewhat of a “ceiling” when smoking, and the effect kicks in quickly, so rational people know when to stop, after a few hits.

With edibles, the effect is completely different.  Two different people can use the same product, and create totally different edibles.  Some of these are common sense; some may surprise you:

  1. Quality of materials used.  Obviously, more potent weed will create more potent edibles (with all other variables equal).
  2. If the material is properly decarbed, it will be MUCH more potent, regardless of THC content.
  3. Delivery mechanism; I’m not referring to the type of edible (cookies, hard candy), I’m referring to the conduit as to which it enters your body.  Specifically: butter, vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc.  I’ve seen some people simply take a small bud, put it on a peanut butter cracker, and “down the hatch” it goes.  Peanut better is a good ingredient, since it helps STICK to your stomach.  Coconut oil, is hands down, the BEST conduit for delivering the medicine to your body.  Combining coconut oil with lecithin is the best way to get the most potent canna oil.
  4. Amount of oil used in the recipe: if you use 1/4 cup of canna oil to make 30 cookies, that’s a lot different than making 12 cookies with the same 1/4 cup.
  5. Follow the canna oil recipe perfectly for the most potent edibles, and best use of your material.  There is a REASON for all the steps in the tutorial here
  6. Lastly, and this is the most important, edibles affect people differently.  In general, people with a higher tolerance will be less affected.  People with a faster metabolism will be affected less, because the medicine moves through their body quicker and has less time to “soak in”.  With others, like me, the medicine is absorbed efficiently, and just 1/2 teaspoon of properly made canna oil (even from good trim) will put me in bed for 8 hours with the spins and throwing up every 30 minutes.

Final tips:

Follow the recipe (including the decarb step) for best use of your product, and most potent edibles.
Calculate a very small amount of oil per “edible”.  Eat one, wait 90 minutes before deciding you need more.After finding your correct “Dose”, if you wish to share with others, they should start with 1/4 (or less) of your dose.