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Anyone used SNS 203?

So, been trying to pray away these fungus gnats with traps and letting the pots dry out a bit more (to like 1-1.5 on the Rasta Jeff water tech 1 to 5 scale if that helps over the last week and a half), also made sure 1 fan is good and low at pot level hitting all the plants ect. A 2nd fan oscillating blowing down too, but still have 20-30 gnats max total maybe per plant after on all the cards I made and put in there over say 24-36 hours.

I went to the only local grow store for nematodes, none available. He had like 4-5 options. I said “if you were in coco and salts and had fungus gnats, what product would you grab”? He said SNS 203? I asked if I should pH the water, he wasn’t sure but said can’t hurt🤷‍♂️. So I pH’d my water to 6.2 added the lowest amount suggested per gal, 4 tbsn, watered roughly 5-5.25 cups of the mix (pH ended up at 7.1 after adding it,  wasn’t sure if adding more pH down would ruin the mix so I left it) and then ran it thru my 3 gal airpots to about 15% runoff. Reset traps.

How long should I wait be for thinking I need another dose? Running Remo in coco, I’m in late veg, 4 ml per gal, just bumped up too 4.25 per gal (8.5 ml total in 2 gal res) wanting to flip to flower as soon as they are gone.

If anyone with SNS 203 experience, your input would be much appreciated!


Your_Mailman_Grows 🤙💨🍻