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hey DGC guys and gals. Hope everyone had an amazing week. So this week has been an roller coaster.  I’m having a problem with my humidity. The room I’m growing in is in a basement and the basements rh averages 70-75%. I live on the northern east coast. I have a portable ac unit and when I run it outside of my 4×3 tent the temp drops but the humidity does not enough.  It will go to 65% tops. Or should I say minimum. Lol. I have a small dehumidifier in the tent.  But that pulls barely any water. I guess my next step would to be get a larger dehumidifier  for the room outside of the tent and go from there???  I have seen posts of people hooking the ac directly to the tent but isn’t that really bad for the plants? Idk could be wrong. Here’s a couple pics of my girls now. Three northern light autos and one unkown. Thanks for any advice. Looking forward to hearing some input.