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Keepin this short and sweet. What is this? I noticed something climbing around on the cube from my clone dome. Weekly I take a pinch of soil and go through it just to inspect for bugs or whatever. Well last week i thought I saw something but couldn’t find it again so tossed it up to being baked in the grow. Well this week I find these In my clone dome and I can only imagine what the rest of the pots look like as well. What is this and how do I Nuke them. I’m not playing around I’m depending on this and unfortunately taking this down I don’t think I’ll be able to come back from so please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok so here’s the run down real quick don’t want to waste time. Ok so I have two ladies in late veg under scrog that just got super cropped. I got extremely violent with the super cropping and used pliers to see if it would hold up and sure as shit Guru was right and they did. And there actually coming back quick. Day three and we jumping up already. Ok so I have a Mephisto 24k almost done this Monday marks its max sprout date. Checking trichomes and keeping on top. Ok so I have w a couple other autos early life like beginning week three being  the oldest. But there 65 day autos so… that’s where my confusion comes in. Ok so I also have my clone dome in this tent. You can see in the picture. Ok so two days ago I had to take a couple pinch’s out of the pots to find a bug. The first one maybe two pots. But today it’s like I took one lunch from one pot and found more than all the other pinch’s from the other day out together. And I’m sorry beneficial or not it’s freaking me out seeing things crawl around. So here my question. If I wait till the auto that’s almost mature finishes, can I do one of them dog bombs? Open both tents and let we rip tator chip? Sorry I’m wasting so much time but I just can’t handle it. I feel all itchy and it totally kills the vibe of the grow space if you ask me. I didn’t even want to be in there tonight i fed the girls took the pictures and got out of dodge. Just not for me. Lady bugs I can deal with Because I can see them. This microscopic bs sucks. Much Love and respect y’all!!!!