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Is the droplets small enough to enter the stomata😬 , and do I get the benefits of added co2😳, ( and ,yes guru😋 disregarding the fact I just sprayed it in to the air) it can’t hurt is my guess🙏thank you for a great show..😋 establishing autos as a seasonal crop?🤩👌 I live in the north , like Canada,  and we are blessed with all remnants of your warm gulf stream hurricanes. So wet and humid in summer, May through August are frost free and temps really dip under 10 C and round 25 c on a regular day if I made a bubu and got a thousand reg autos, and just have friends grow them out in sets of 50 – 100 seeds, don’t you think I could start something beautiful here? 🙏👌I love the seasons here, mono cropping and seasonal agriculture is boring shit man. Bring the love and share the joy (dank) Congratulation to all cannabis supporters, we are winning the war on drugs.🙏😁 in Norway the medical side is opening up , but the laws are enforced harder as the legalization is drawing near. But the rats are leaving tha ship , there is a promise of  new day , no shame , no police and no seeds , good night and Peace out DGC!! He yells