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Hey DGC,

So I have a cistern that collects rain water from my gutters. My pH is always 6.8-7 and 10-20ppm. When it doesn’t rain a lot I need to get water delivered from the local municipality water supply. Well this time around we got two deliveries this week and that put me at the highest amount of local water that I’ve had at about 2/3 now being local water. The delivery guy was talking about it being softened and so I started to get paranoid about my water. I called the water works for the area and they said they pull it out of the ground at 320mg per liter hardness!! Then they cut that in half by being softened. He said there’s approx 120-140mg per liter or 450-500 mg per gallon of salt being added as a replacement for the hardness. So my water right now is roughly 300mg or so per gallon of salt. When I test the water for ppm is coming out at around 215ppm hardness. I also inquired to him about chlorine/ chloramine and he said the water is at a 12% sodium hypo chloride…he said a more powerful chlorine. I know chlorine evaporates in a non pressurized system but how does this act and is there any difference how this and chlorine in water act in living soil? I am trying to cut it with as much dehumidifier water as i can for now until we get a good rain and fills us up. Then it will be diluted enough I won’t be so worried. I have watered with this water as it is one time so far with about 25% being dehumidifier water. What are the safe levels of sodium in water that can be applied without any effects? Any info on sodium hypo chloride in living soil? Will these levels be a problem for watering in one time? After finding this out I really wish i hadn’t watered with it…