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Hey Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the gang.

first off: I’ve been listening for a solid three years now, and suggest your show to everyone I meet who wants to learn more about cannabis.

Now the real post: I am in the middle of setting up a 50 plant indoor grow using 3 yards of KIS organic soil, and blumat drip tape. We had new sinks installed in the grow area, and I did not know we were using softened water in it. My dumb ass rehydrated our root riot plugs with softened water AND THEN watered them with it. The salts in the water killed my clones! Do not use softened water for any plant whatsoever. Guru – is this because the sodium draws the moisture out of the stem or roots? Why exactly is soft water bad to use, but hard water seems to be better? Is it a difference of EC? Or does the type of ion matter?