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Many Thanks to the DGC for all the help I’ve received since finding you all.

I thought I’d share a little experiment that I’m running. The girls are Critical Kush Ltd Ed from Seedsman clones that I have run 3 times before. They are a bit finicky, but I thought they’d work well for what I wanted to try. I scrogged this mother after these 9 clones were taken. And 3 weeks after these cuts were taken, I transplanted them into 1 gallon nursery pots, and flipped everything to flower a week later, on the same day, August 15. I also have 2 specimens outside, so I’ll get to see that difference as well. It’s been kinda fun trying to get a good harvest from both styles. The mother has been more finicky than in previous runs, but that may be due to the size of her root mass(She’s in a 5 gal fabric pot) and she’s been in veg since last December(I’ve never kept a mother for more than one run). Anyway, it’s been different doing a Sea Of Green. I’ve been bottom feeding them for the most part(“Butt Chugging”). They are currently drinking around a pint per day (RO H2O & Recharge every other day/light feeding every other day). This morning was probably their last feeding. I added Winter Frost to 2 of them with their nutes, and I will be using it on all but 2 of the SOG plants during flush. That will let me see the differences with its use. I will also use it on 1 of the 2 that are outside. I’ll probably use it on the scrog mom as well. Anyhow, I just thought I’d share.

Love the Crew! Stay Lifted!!