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Hey DGC,
I am psyched and honored my dank nugs post was featured on today’s show. Scotty noticed all the black and yellow totes in the background of one photo, so I wanted to bring up what’s going on there and get some DGC opinions on soil recycling.
Those bins are full of soil that I am recycling to use again, this will be third round. After harvest, I broke up the root balls and removed about a softball size amount of the woodiest roots from each. Then I mixed in various dry amendments including bokashi, worm castings, biochar, dragonfly earth medicine powders and nectar for the gods one shot. Finally I watered with slf 100 enzyme. After 3 weeks I mix the soil and add more water if needed.
I’m curious what others do with their used soil. If you reuse it, what do you add and how long do you let it ‘cook’ before you reuse.
Thanks, peace and good vibes!