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Hey Crew – I’m struggling with my 4 plant, 3×3 grow – specifically with one plant.

Quick context..

4 plants, 2 strains.

Blue Cookies (1 organic, 1 synthetic)

Super Silver Haze (1 organic, 1 synthetic)

I’m only a year into growing so I’m trying to figure out my preferences. With that I’ve split the grow into organics and synthetics to see the differences in the grow and quality. So far the synthetic plants are simply physically larger.

They’re all in an organic soil mix called Dark Matter from a Canadian company called Destiny Grow Systems. I find the soil is a bit dense so at transplant I added perlite for all plants. All in fabric pots too.

I say all of this because this experimental grow has controls built in. The organic pair and synthetic pair have the same respective regiment.

I’m on day 16 of Flower. Humidity is around 45-50 (intake fan is too powerful, that’s why I run a bit dryer than I should) with Temps around 22c (71f)

Ok so here’s my issue – the back right plant is Blue Cookies, growing organically and has consistently had a much longer wet dry cycle than the rest.

I don’t understand why and I believe it’s now impacting the plant health (as seen in drooping leaves). I’ve even put a fan a second fan at pot-level to push air through the fabric pots.

I last watered it 2 days ago and the soil is still as dense and as though it was freshly watered, yet the others are ready for another splash. I don’t understand why this one is different.

I’m in Ontario so have a heater going in the lung room, pointed towards an intake vent on the left side of the tent.

I’m stumped why this plant is having this issue while the rest are fine and it’s now impacting the health of the plant.

What do you think?

If you also have a recommendation on how to deal with humidity issues due to an over-sized fan for my tent (6″ in 3×3) I’m all ears as well! I want to find a solution before ponying up for a new 4″ fan and filter.

Thanks for. Your time and keep up the great work.