Hey DGC, it’s Johnny Apple weed here with a bit of a unusual and sad question. I was hoping to get the word out that my brother in laws brother just had his house burn down Saturday and we know that the cause of the fire was a faulty fan in his growth tent. He is a good man in his 30s with 2 kids and he is wheelchair bound from a robbery several years ago. The house that burnt down was a double wide that his brother, my brother in law bought and put on the property so his brother could live in dignity even though my brother in law “brad” struggles with his own families finances. He lost his medical supplies, electric wheel chair, everything and a family friend decided to help them set up a go fund me. I understand this is out of the ordinary but they could really use some help. This was his 2nd grow by the way and now my brother in law “brad” says he will never grow weed again either. I hope this message wasn’t to confusing. Huge fan of the show, you guys are how I learnt to grow weed.

The link to his go fund me is https://tinyurl.com/Kevinneedsahome