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Been here supporting for a couple months, been lurking almost a year. A little background:

learned how to commercial grow as a youth (14-17) traveling north to Mendo, Eureka areas during trim season. Joined the Army at 17, deployed in 05-06 leaving in 09. Grew maybe 5-8 mire times with friends, doing the 100-300 plant, 3 month shuffle. Yet I always grew with them, using their style, knowledge, systems, and ultimately making it a soulless (Albeit educational) job. It was always a job I loved though. Stopped after paroling and losing my state number in 2013 and worked on my PTSD and heroin addiction.

Fast forward to last year, lost a very good job for an awesome boutique construction company due to COVID and was not supplied EDD due to a technicality. I was tripping. I beat CLCF Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (Full Spectrum Extract high in all cannabinoids had a huge impact but that’s another long ass post for another time) and learned I was epileptic among my health issues. Needless to say the stress was hitting a nerve and I was slowly falling apart one seizure at a time.

I found the DGC in Scripps Mercy Hospital after seizing in the shitter, landing on my face, and cutting off the oxygen to my brain long enough for me to turn blue and my wife to lose her mind. When the paramedics arrived I stopped breathing for 4 mins. They admitted me for 18 days.

Felling hopeless and defeated in my hospital bed, I randomly clicked on a show. I laughed, learned, and felt connected with my roots.

Losing my job in June 2020 happened right around the time Scotty, Dude, Guru, and someone I forgot discussed the nuances of perpetual growing. I invested everything we had into licensing for cultivation and have been wading through the Cal-Cannabis fuckery since. I have grown 3 cycles since last June and have felt such a vast improvement in my life it is hard to put into words. Emotionally it’s cathartic and rewarding. Medically it helps me exponentially.

I owe the DGC, Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the rest of the team an enormous thank you. You truly helped me from one of the darkest places in my life. I am grateful beyond words.

now enough of the corny shit look at these nugs and trikes!!!!!!