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The forcibly neglected R&D grow. We needed to figure out a system for our business plan and I always grow my medicinal limit so we embarked on the ground up rebuild. Girls went through 3 systems, I missed 14  days and another 8 due to EEGs from some heavy seizure shit. Grape Pie are small but so fragrant it’s offensive. The Mandarin Cookies  was actually snapped in half during LST and she surprised the hell outta me! Next to the Runtz she is gonna be better then ALL the GP lmao.

The Runtz were from seed Bubble Runtz from a SHN drop I took advantage of. This was my one survivor, the others and clones of them are floating around SD between patients and friends. She came out and I could see the crazy lack of intermodal spacing. She is starting to seriously bulk up and get some frost. Absolutely overtook the whole 4×4 though. Weird ass lady tbh not what I expected. Going all Jelly Rancher and Stupid Froot next commercial, SUPER glad I didn’t buy a shit ton of these.

The Purple Diesel Daze (Dinafem Seeds Purple Haze X NYC Diesel) is looking amazing and really coming into her own, great fragrance and just soaking up her environment.


pH 5:8 always. Check it 5 times physically and run off from my drain valve.

PPM 400-1200 depending what she wants. These girls are around 850 tried for 1k and just was to much, got the tips crispy lmao.

Temp: 68-88 N/D


Orca every feed and Recharge hand watered AND ran through the waterfall system into the net pots every 3-4 days. Only 4-6 Nutes at any time, more in the early stages. Just adjusted brightness so should be easy to see, felt like sharing lmao.