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What’s happening Dude, Scotty, Guru and DGC. I just finished
harvesting my last grow. I did a A/B Test with a strain called
Gorilla Bomb from Bomb Seeds. Clones from same mother plant
were grown in two different medias. First in a 4 gallon pail with
Ocean Forrest and Happy Frog. Second in a 3 gallon hempy bucket
with pearlite on bottom 2″ and coco on top. Both were grown side by side
under a 315 CMH. Both were fed the same diet of{ Botanicare Grow,Bloom,
Ripe, Karma} and Terpinator and last but not least Recharge. At present they
have been in curing jars for about a week. Here are my results.
Plant A(soil)- 98 grams dry weight, very dark purple, fairly strong scent
and nice heavy coating of trichs. Tastes nice even though
it hasn’t fully cured and leaves me with more of an up Sativa type high.

Plant B(coco-hempy)- 90 grams dry weight, some purple, milder scent,
and light coating of trichs. Taste and high similar to soil but not quite as strong.

So my question . Even though both were grown with bottled nutes (synthetic) does the soil provide some kind of exchange that the coco doesn’t? Bottom line is soil requires less frequent watering. Soil wastes less nutrients from less watering. I will continue to experiment with hempys and get more results to compare.

Thanks – Lord Blueberry