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Well I had officially ran outta room to flower out some plants! No more room to add another tent either (already got 3 tents running). SOOOOO We have a spare bathroom that no longer gets used since the kids are grown and gone. So it has became a new flower room! Bought a bunch of Mylar and a new shower curtain. Glued mylar to the inside of the shower curtain, and put mylar on the walls of the shower. Ordered a new light that will be here this coming Tuesday. Plus is this room has an exhaust fan and do not have to worry about water running out, because it will just go down the drain, which will make it easier to flush! This room has no windows so I do not have to worry about any light leaks either! And it was a whole lot cheaper than buying another tent. I believe total cost was under $20.00 not counting the light, to get the room ready!