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Hey DGC, grower from Michigan here. I grow because I want to grow the best available cannabis ! If you want something done right, do it yourself! (with some help of course). Wanted to show you the final days of this bad girl here. One of the smoothest smokes I’ve ever had this girl grew up under the HLG 600 rspec in some amended soil and recharge. The soft velvet taste of orange cream is how she smokes, and will get you up and out the door! Great sativa that has a really unique taste. I needed to get away from the typical lemon and pine smells most sativas tend to have and this one checks all the boxes. Also a very vigorous grower and clones super easily, for the daily smoke or as dude calls it, “TP” time. This is the strain that I will keep for years to come. ┬áLoving the new quality of content lately and wish all the DGC could get a sample of this! forreal tho,

Stay higher friends,


Description from the breeder:

Sonic Screwdriver is a hybrid strain that leans towards the sativa end of the spectrum, providing an ideal smoke during the daytime when engaged in recreational or creative activities. Just like its name suggests, Sonic Screwdriver is a tool that can be used throughout the day in moderation to boost energy, drive, and focus when needed. With that said, it can also be smoked when simply sitting back and talking with friends. As well as providing a useful high, Sonic Screwdriver offers delightful citrus tastes with strong notes of orange.