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What up DGC UK grower thanks for everything you do thanks for the surprise seed grab ep 5 double win.  hence my name change lol was a surprise. i have previously and still to date am a soil grower I’m currently awaiting new equipment before i start my next grow but i have already bought my nutes, i was previously using AN  i know I’m sorry but i have found you now so i know better. i was just going t go onto canna but i saw a new line in my local store which i have never seen in there before didn’t know anyone using it or who had used it before so my curiosity peaked. i know i didn’t need to buy the whole line through the knowledge i have learned through your show but i also know you guys say just to follow the feeding chart but at lower feeds so i bought the whole line of SHOGUN NUTRIENTS and of all the bottles there was one that not only caught my eye but took me by surprise now as i can honestly say im still at the stage of beginner level this one is for you guys to discuss and educate me please. i have posted a pic of the bottle but went onto the actual nutrient company’s website and pasted the write up  they say about there product PK9/18?!?!?! for what i have learned it is 13/14 is it not? so i thought this could/would make a great segment in your show. sorry for blabbing on so here is the pasted write up of PK9/18  love to know your thoughts as to whether i should use or avoid. thanks again stay safe stay lifted


The need for a PK type product during in flowering is obvious. You are trying to alter the NPK ratio of your nutrient solution to maximise its efficiency for fruit and flower production.

WHY 9/18?

We’ve carried out extensive field trials and scientific studies to work out the ratios of phosphorus and potassium to include in our product. In general, most nutrient manufacturers have a 13/14 formulation – our trail data indicated that this was far from optimum. Most nutrient solutions, specifically bloom formulations are already carrying relatively high phosphate levels and despite this being an important flowering element you need to avoid oversupply as your plant will struggle to use and store excess supply resulting in fruit quality decreases.

Potassium on the other hand is the element that drives sugar production in your fruits and it is this element that your plants need in a higher proportion from your PK product. After large scale testing using a multitude of PK ratio products, we found that the 9/18 ratio offered the optimum level of potassium uptake without overloading on phophorus in the process. This also allows our PK product to be used for longer during the flowering period without negative effect, feeding the need for yield enhancing potassium for as long as possible.


A common mistake by many growers when they come to adding products to their nutrient solution is that they continue to add nutrients at full strength alongside their boosters and additives. This can often lead to over fertilisation. In fact by the time you are adding PK warrior to your nutrient solution, you should actually be REDUCING nutrient strength by 20-50% for optimum plant performance. This may seem counter-intuitive, but by the time your plants are producing fruits and flowers, the overall nutrient requirement of your plant is actually less and the transpiration rate of your plant is often higher than during leaf and stem growth. This higher rate of water loss from your plants will result in more nutrient solution being taken up by your plant to compensate – if the nutrient levels are too high then over fertilisation will occur due to the increased uptake rate.


PK Warrior is highly concentrated and dilutes at just 1mL/L in the first week of use and then 0.5mL/L from that point forward. Compare that with the leading competitor products and you will rapidly see that the cost per litre of diluted product at full strength makes PK Warrior massively more economical to use than pretty much any competing product. And that’s before you compare performance between the products.