Hey DGC!

So I’ve been pretty busy lately…




Just finished some major upgrades so I thought I’d share the journey with the crew!

I’ve been using a 6′ x 21′ room for my veg room for a while now.  When I started it was pretty rough, just 2x4s and exterior walls.  I’ve had plans to turn it into my flowering room for a long time, and I finally scraped enough money together to make it happen.

Special thanks to The Dude and to Brendan from Spectrum King!  None of this would have happened without support from you guys and the rest of the DGC!

Before pics:  It was pretty rough in there…  That plant is long gone but I may be using those planter boxes in the new room eventually.


Insulating and test fitting light rail:


Drywall- Had to call in the pros.  The pros did a good job.


Paint and LightRail Install-   The wood thing in the ceiling is the access door to the attic.  I wish it wasn’t in this room but its well sealed and I rarely need to go up there so its not a big deal.  I like to watch The Office while I do manual labor, its a weird habit but whatever.  🙂


Mission Control-  Mechanical Timer controls a 20 amp circuit for the lights and light rail motor.  Sentinel controller on co2 duty, but could also be setup to control vent fans if I ever need to ventilate.


Wall vent intakes- from the 6×8 veg room next door.  My veg and flower share air.  My carbon filter is connected to a Can-fan in the attic that dumps its exhaust into the veg room.   The air is scrubbed and dumped into the veg room before it gets pulled back into the flowering room via the passive intakes.  There is a 3rd wall vent (not pictured and currently sealed up) that connects to an outside room if I ever need a fresh air intake.


Lights and Light Rail-  Three SK 400+ Leds (Thanks Dude and Brendan!)  I installed them on a Light Rail from Gualala Robotics.  I was going to have to add some studs and install some sort of supports in the ceiling to hang the lights anyway, so I figured I might as well get the light rail.  The rail is about 18′ long in total and will move all 3 lights.

Still not sure the best way to set it up, but its well made and I’m liking it so far.  The 18′ rail covers the whole room, so I’ve got lots of options.  Currently I have the lights about 4′ apart and the rail moving them back and forth about 18 inches.  I must say, I really enjoy watching it do its thing.  The plugs up near the ceiling are for the lights and light rail.  They are hardwired to the mechanical timer mounted on the wall.

I am absolutely loving the SK 400s.  They are crazy bright, really well made, and my plants are totally digging them.  My old lights were purple/pink leds so I’m really loving being able to take pictures and comfortably work in there now without being blasted with awful purple light.  I’m very picky about my grow equipment and I really can’t think of anything bad to say about the SK 400+.  These are seriously high quality lights folks.

The tubes running between the lights are for co2 distribution.  CO2 flows from the tank up to the light rail, and then down the hose to the first light.  Then it flows through the tubes connecting the lights (which are perforated), so it rains co2 down on the canopy.  I got the kit from Titan Controls and it works really well with the Spectrum King reflectors.



Other Stuff-

Caulk-  I used about twice what you see in the pic.  If you want a sealed room, you gotta actually SEAL IT.


Casters- Plants on casters! Equipment on casters! Everything on casters!  Rolling things is like carrying things, except with STYLE!


Veg room- I’m also in the process of updating my veg area.  I picked up two Mothers Little Helpers and I also have a Closet case I can use in here too if i need it.  I will probably be building some shelves or tables or something in here eventually.  The veg area is sealed now too, one of those holes is patched and gone now and the other is one of the passive intakes to the flower room.


Future upgrade plans-

-Mini split in the spring

-Quest dehumidifier pretty soon

-Building more planter box thingies

-More veg room work

Sneak preview of whats to come-

-Gorilla Glue #4 from tissue culture under the SK400s right now!



– In the veg room, TGA/Jinxproof/Heros of the Farm Seeds popping.  GoTime and Jazz right now, a few more packs lying in wait.

Go Time-




Thats all for now!  Look for more updates in the future!  I use Nugs to buy my Recharge!  If you enjoyed the pics, feel free to throw me a “like” so I can get more Recharge!   

Thanks for stopping by!