Hey DGC!

I recently realized its been over a year since I posted about building my new flower room.  I haven’t really shared much about it since then, so I figure its time for an update!  Working in this nice new room has been really enjoyable, and I’ve had a ton of fun dialing things in and making further improvements.  I pulled down some of my best harvests yet in 2017, and 2018 is looking like its gonna be a heck of a year too!

I don’t really keep a “grow journal” or anything like that, but I do take a crap ton of pictures.  Usually I use these pictures as my own personal grow journal type thing to track my own actions and progress, but I figure sharing some of them might be a fun way to share what I’ve been up to.

*First though, I want to say another big fat “THANK YOU!” to The Dude, Scotty, Guru, Brendan from Spectrum King and the everyone else in the DGC!  Without the help and support from so many people in the crew this room would have never been built!  THANK YOU! and thank you for your continued support!*

Here we go!

Run 1: GG#4

This was kinda my shake down run to try out the new room and start dialing things in.  Having made so many huge changes to my room, I set my expectations low for this first run and just focused on learning all the new equipment and starting to dial in my environment.  After months of the grow being shut down I was in a hurry to get started so I went out and bought a tray of gorilla glue clones.  This turned out to be way too many plants and I had to put them in smaller pots than I would have liked to squeeze them all in.  Planting a hungry strain like GG4 in undersized pots was a big mistake that hurt my yield a lot.  GG4 is known to herm easily and I also ended up with some seeds in the final buds.  I made it through to harvest and got some decent smoke out of it, but I definitely could have planned this run better.

Run 2: Go Time and Jazz

My second run in the new space was 5 plants in 25 gallon pots.  I’d been really wanting to try to grow some larger plants indoors so I thought I’d give it a try.   I had planted a bunch of seeds a while back and out of the group I ended up with 4 different phenotypes of Go Time and 1 Jazz plant that had caught my eye.  I had been vegging these plants under my 100w Spectrum King Mothers Little Helpers and they were HUGE by the time the GG4 finished.  I didn’t have an AC in the room at this point, so I was hoping to finish this crop before the summer hit.  They went straight into 12/12 as soon as the room was available, but going into flower things quickly got out of control.

Stretchy sativas in 25 gal pots, in a warm room, with a lot of light and co2… I soon realized I had created a jungle.  I made it through to harvest before things got too hot, but I did have a few days of temps in the high 80s and that did hurt overall quality a little bit.  The Go Time turned out to be a pretty interesting strain and I ended up with 4 very different phenos ranging from really skunky to more fruity.  The Jazz turned out to be the real star of the show though, and I decided to keep her around for a second run.

That feeling when you accidentally create an indoor jungle… Whoops!

Go Time. (sour diesel x cheese) x Jesus OG. My favorite pheno, shes like rotten pineapples with a little bit of skunkyness.

Go Time rotten pineapple pheno

Mid Flower Jazz, Stealing the spotlight

Jazz is Razberry kush x Galactic Jack. Tastes kinda like grape or raspberry jelly with some sour Jack Herrer flavors hiding in there too

Jazz. Green on the outside, purple hints on the inside. Trichs on trichs.

Mini split Install

As soon as the flower room was empty, the race was on to get a mini split installed so I could continue growing though the summer.  I did a ton of research and eventually settled on a Fujitsu 15k unit.  It cost more than a lot of the other options but it was the most efficient unit on the market and came with a super long warranty.  I plan on using this room for many years so I decided to invest for the long run and get something nice that would last me a long time.  The unit + install ended up costing me $3,200.

Admittedly, this is a lot of money to cool a fairly small grow, but by investing in the most efficient unit I could get, I will actually end up saving a lot of money in the long run.  Big shout out to The Dude and Temp Needs Todd who helped me compare the estimates I got from my local AC guys.  Their advice ended up saving me a bunch of money, thanks fellas!  The new unit has kept my climate nicely dialed in and so far I’m really happy with the investment.

Run 3: Jazz 2nd run

After discovering this interesting Jazz pheno, I decided my next run should be all Jazz.  This time I got the timing a lot better and I had 5 Jazz plants trained and ready to go as soon as the AC install was finished.  I gave them a little veg time under the sk400s to help them fill out a bit, but all the training work I put in during veg really paid off and I ended up with a really nice flat canopy of beautiful Jazz nugs.  Some branches got a little top heavy and floppy towards the end of flower but other than needing a few bamboo stakes, this run went really smoothly and I ended up with a little over 3lbs  of very potent and great tasting Jazz nugs!

A sea of Jazz nugs

Pre-flower pampering. Topped and trained. Top-dressed and trapped. These ladies are ready for action.

Jazzin things up! 1st pic is still in veg, 2nd pic is flip day. After that pics are about 2 weeks apart. This was me with my iphone trying to aim the camera the same each time, no fancy cameras or gear required. Made for a fun little photo project and I may try to do some more time lapse type stuff in the future.

Nice sized Jazz nugs were easy to trim.  Had some really interesting dark greenish purplish type color this run that doesn’t come through very well in the pics.

Purples, greens and reds. Trichs on trichs

Run 4: Girl Time

Girl Time is Forum cut GSC x Timewreck.  Really wasn’t sure what to expect from this one.  Lots of cookie vibes in veg, but also some hints of spiciness and some other weird flavors.  I ran two phenotypes in the same room.  One was pretty cookie dominate and the other was a lot more timewreck leaning.  They grew very different but also had some common traits, and it was fun to explore the variety within the strain.  I went back to running more plants in smaller pots this time and once again it was a mistake.  I topdressed a little more than usual and the Girltime wasn’t as hungry as the GG4 so it turned out alright for the most part.  The Cookie leaning pheno has turned out very frosty but after smelling really interesting most of the grow, the taste turned out a little more flat and not as interesting as I had hoped.  The Timewreck leaning pheno turned out really interesting.  A little cookie flavor but there is some weird peppery and sour flavors in there too.  Not my best grow, but I really enjoyed running the two different phenos side by side and comparing.

Girltime cookie dom pheno. Hints of purple, frosty and potent, but perhaps not the most exciting flavor.

Girltime cookie pheno

Girltime timewreck dominate pheno. Peppery and sour with hints of cookie.

Girltime timewreck dom pheno. Frosty, spicy and loud.

Future Projects

The work never stops, the learning never ends.  I wouldnt have it any other way.  Heres a teaser of things coming down the line.

Finally stepping up and transitioning to raised beds. With a third mysterious Girltime pheno to explore…

I’ve been doing a lot of research and experiments with companion planting. Learning lots about the benefits of other plants and how to grow them. Excited to continue exploring and incorporating what in learn.

This dude… vigor vigor vigor. He won’t stop growing or slow down for anything or anyone. Not sure what his deal is but I’m gonna find out…

Projects Projects Projects! The work never stops. The learning never stops. Always pushing forward into unfamiliar territory and learning new things. No idea where I’m going or where I’ll end up. Just enjoying the journey along the way!


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