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I hope the dude approves…1st grow ever. Coast of Maine soil, 3 gallon fabric pots, Gaia Green top dressing, and a steady diet of Recharge/FS.  These autos took longer than expected, but seem to be worth the wait.  They’re currently curing, but during the grow smelled of straight diesel and mangos.  Some of the purple color faded out during the drying process, but she’s super sticky and I’m excited to give her a try.  Half is curing in jars the old fashioned way, the other half is in Grove bags.  VA finally got on board with legalization, so I’m hoping our agricultural history will allow us to hang with the Midwest and west coast when it comes to growing the finest quality cannabis.  Hopefully Guru is proud of this fellow VA grower.

Love you guys, love the show, and proud to support something so informative.  Without you guys, my grow and many others would not be possible!  Thank you guys!