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love your show and all that you do for the community. Learned a lot. This is from my first grow from a bag seed. I believe it was sour banana sherbet but not 100%. This seed started out slowly and without a tent but got into one after about 2 weeks of being a little sprout. I did top this lil lady as well as a bit of LST. I used a Scrog net to try to maximize the small 3×3 tent I had it setup in. Spider farmer tent, sf1000 light. Ac infinity four inch. Two oscillating fans. One stationary. I just harvested this and it is drying in my new 5×5 ax infinity tent. (Almost setup just need a light. Looking at chilled x6. Got my fans for it already.)

hopefully it turns out to be some dank. It’s got an interesting smell that’s getting sweeter as it dries. Overall I’m happy I made it through the first grow. Looking forward to many more.
this one I used a 7gal fabric pot for final container. Fox farm ocean forest soil. Fox farm trio used lightly. Lot of rain water used, if not RO water.
let me know what you think folks!