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What up DGC! Dude, Scotty, Guru and gang how’s it growin!!! So this story really begins a little over a year ago when I became a Patreon member during my second indoor grow. I got Sour sunshine as my free seeds and fell in love. It has that gassy, skunky, OG type sweet musty basement Smell and it’s STRONG. It is a good producer and as you can see gets very pretty when hit with some winter frost. This is my second time growing it and even made some F2 seeds of it myself. As my first time “breeding” I did have some contamination in the flower tent. But was only minor and ended up with some nice crosses. Sour sunshine x BOG Blue Kush… Sour Sunshine x Grumpz F2 (cannarodo)… Sour Sunshine x Kushage (Th seeds).

Grown in organic amended soil. Coast of Maine lobster compost and bumper crop soil builder base with perlite, fox farm fruit and flower dry amendments, build a soil craft blend, gypsum, alfalfa. Fed build a bloom once a week as well as recharge once a week and a tea (EWC & Alf Alfa)once a week. I water my plants daily. I hand water 2-4 pints a day.  Grown in a 4×8 with 8 other plants under 4 viparspectra xs 2000 (240true watts) Hit it with some winter frost during week 7 and harvested at the last day of week 9. If your an OG lover than this is one to grow!