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Well as the winner of the source vapes meme contest I wanted to start off by saying. THANK YOU source vapes for being an amazing contributor to the show. I was honored to have the chance and to have won the contest for the orb xl.

Last night was 4th of July and just so happens, the first time I used my orb xl. I started it off with a small chuck of shatter. (Maybe a quarter gram). Hit it and passed it around the party. Next I know everyone’s coughing uncontrollably.. well I guess it works was my first thought. Only to notice i still had shatter left. I passed it around again about 20 minutes later. Everyone was feeling lifted. So I topped it off with the remains of the gram I had. First hit off a 3/4 gram packed bowl on the triple atomizer.. set to 3.2v I pulled a mega cloud that set my mood right.

I defiantly recommend the crew and anyone out there pick one of these up, if you want to be known for bringing the dank that is. Now to get my hands on one of these ghosts. After seeing what source vapes can do with a vapes pen I can only imaging how great the ghost will be.