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I am growing two Mind Melters from Solfire and four Under Dawgs from THseeds. The green on the space between the veins started becoming light green and then necrotic on one of my Mind Melters, and all of the plants are showing this tendency. I was watering the seedlings with distilled water and am growing in Coast of Maine seed starter soil. In week one I watered with Rootwise Microbe complete, and week two Recharge. My temps during the day are between 72 and 78 F with a 60-70% humidity. The are about three feet from my LED lights with a PPFD of about 300. This is my fourth grow and I didn’t think that I was over watering, but my best guess is that overwatering is the problem. I’ve attached a photo of the most problematic plant along with all the plants that are showing lesser degrees of the problem. What do you think might be happening? I want to fix it before it gets out of hand.