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wassup again boys,

This was from my 1st ever pheno hunt I just finished up, this is the 2nd run of this pheno I’ve hunted. I popped 6 and came out with 4 females and pheno #3 is outright the frostiest, smelliest, and easiest, to clone root and grow. She stacks up beautifully, nug formation is just my style, and Her scents are heavy with fruit and gas and has my room so pungent, I get smacked in the face every day I come home from work. Just makes me even more excited to chop her down.

She’s in week 7 now, buds are flopping over at this point so I have to hold some buds up with a string, may have to throw a 3rd layer of trellis up next run.

she’ll be chopped, trimmed, & jarred RIGHT before Christmas so I’m very excited for that gift.

Girls are Grown in canna coco, perlite, worm castings, Doctor Earth Flower Girl and Homegrown Veg dry amendments, with recharge every Sunday, and fish shit every 2 weeks. Also this is the 3rd run of reused coco that I’ve used for 2 runs prior to this one.

thanks guys, 773 OUT &

Happy HOLIDAZE Peeps.