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What up guys and the DGC! haven’t posted in a minute but definitely been at work in the grow! This round I grew Spanish moon from lovin in her eyes Chen dog auto from ethos genetics and Bruce Banner from my last grow. I also grew a vanilla frosting cut that was gifted to me which is Humbolt OG crossed with gelato 33. And also a strain called Maui monkey from a local breeder in Albuquerque called Blue Crow Seeds which is orangutan titty crossed with black Maui which I believe is a land race sativa  of some kind. Pick one is Spanish Moon pick two is cam dog auto pick three is Bruce Banner and pick for is Maui monkey. flowering six plants in total in my 3 x 4 tent the Spanish moon is in a 15 gallon fabric pot living soil and is my second run in this pot. The Chem dawg auto is my first run of build a soil 3.0 and 10 gallon fabric pot. And the Bruce Banner is an experiment I ran in a 3 gallon fabric pot with build a soil 3.0 and a medium dose of grow dots, vegged for one week and flip to flower and did the same with the Maui monkey! Everybody’s looking beautiful the Spanish moon smells amazing almost like wine. The Chemdawg auto has the frostiest golf ball size nugs and the Bruce Banner is super sticky and frosty! Super stoked about this grow and will be taking it down tomorrow! Thanks dude everybody at the bakery and the DGC.

also forgot to add everything including the grow dot grow had all build a soil inputs weekly fermented insect Frass fermented comfrey for veg and fermented pumpkin during flour. And Recharge once a week!