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The last couple of shows, Scotty has been talking about how he loves how growers will take over areas like showers or closets for a grow, so I thought I would share a little bit about my setup, as its comical how much of my bedroom I have sacrificed to grow DANK NUGS!

The first pic is my main tent, Gorilla Grow 4×4, running a 480w Quantum Board (3500k LM301H & 660nm CREE XPE2). The plants in this tent might as well be my roommates, because the tent takes up about a third of my room, although much better than a human roommate as I can make sure they are ladies, and I can ensure that they are always beautiful. What you can’t see in the picture, is the 27 gallon storage tote I use as a reservoir to premix my nutrients (with air pump & aquarium heater inside of course) and my entire collection of nutrients, which probably comes out to at least 15 gallons or so of concentrated nutrients.

The second picture is our second tent, which is in our “guest bedroom”. It is only a 4×2, but the room it is in, is the smallest room of the house. My roommate’s parents are actually coming from TN to stay with us for about a month or so while they look for a new home here in OK, and both of them as well as all of their stuff will be crammed in the room with his tent. I got this tent specifically for testing out Mars Hydro’s line of true full spectrum lighting. They use epistar SMD diodes, but mean well drivers, plus I have always been super critical of Mars Hydro’s lights, as they are usually purple and I am not a fan of the purple lights in the least bit. I recently stumbled across these, and since I take a very active role in our local MMJ subreddit, I wanted to try these out first hand before I tell people that its a good buy or not and then afterwards the second tent will likely be used as a staging tent during veg cycle, so my roommates parents hopefully don’t mind sharing a room with the devil’s lettuce. If they do, I guess it would serve a second purpose in that it may motivate them to find their own place sooner.

Anyways, I don’t have any interesting questions or tips for others, just thought Scotty might get a kick out of this, as I barely have enough room to stand in my room and stretch my arms out without hitting either a wall, my safe or the tent. Keep up the good work. Watching the show is the highlight of my days!