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What’s up DGC!

Thought I’d post a few shots of my 5th round starting with some SHN freebies from DGC membership. Have 3 females that popped from my 5 pack of Alien Sour Apple, 1 Stardawg Guava female, 1 cookies, and a Blueberry Lemon Skunk x Juicy Fruit.

I felt like the grow room needed some updates, so i put in water proof laminate flooring, rerouted the ventilation system, picked up an AC infinity with the temp humidity sensor. Lined the Mylar covered walls with 3 mil poly so i could foliar spray easier in the first week of transfer and a couple weeks into flower.

Now, the meat of this.. I had 2 smaller 220 Californiaworks solarflares that I decided to upgrade to the Spectrum King 402 using my discount. So, redid my layout based on adding this light to my 440 California works Solarstorm already in place.

Ordered it on a Saturday, website said in stock, Monday received tracking and order shipped confirmation. Come Friday when it was supposed to have arrived, i tracked it again, and it was surprisingly sitting in California still. I called left VMs, sent multiple emails, then sent one to the Dude… And before anyone at Spectrum King called or contacted me, Dude calls (fucking awesome man…) And wants the skinny. Super happy that you took the time to talk to me, SK called me 10 minutes after we spoke.. Sent me a refurbed 402 for 550.  FYI, they are now supposedly out of some part for at least 2 months.

Got the light today finally, nothing in the box but the light.

Fired it up though, it does look badass, just overall wasn’t impressed with their support, but super impressed with the DGC!

Ps. The seedlings are Alien Red Congolese. The autoflower is Zkittlez.