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Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We wanna be Weed Gods right?  So when we change over our rooms and tents we want to make sure that every surface has been  cleaned.   I first invented this little broom mop cover for wall and ceiling prep for painting houses. Didn’t take long for me to start using it everywhere. The interior pocket is to contain the bristles, the rest is just two micro fiber rags sewn together with a hole at top left open for handle.   What is really nice is that you can just get the whole rag wet with whatever you like, put on broom and quickly brush ceiling walls in no time. No ladders no hurting hands and wrists.     So easy to wash out so you never bring the last mess to the new mess.   You can make out of terry cloth for quick drying after mop or if you spray walls and ceiling with water as I do.  Great for houses with dogs and muddy feet. Quick dry sweep before vac.  If you have crown moldings and base moldings also very good for dusting before you hit the floor mopping.    As dirty as I am, staying clean is very important to me.