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Hi Dude, Scotty, Guru and the Crew!
Just wanted to show you the quality of the Spider Farmer 2000 (215w) for the dgc to check out especially anyone thinking about going for a led. I have had a 50% increase in performance from a blurple 150w mars cookie cutter.
Strain : Cinderella 99
Temps, day: 26c -50 rh night 18c – 50 rh
Light: 11 hours on and 13 off
Harvest week 9.
Expected yield 12 oz from four plants vegged for 8 weeks, topped at 6th node and lst to keep canopy even. Lots of tape and string and no scrog net(next time ill put a net up to scrogg)

Added co2 with a Large exhale bag.

Fed with organic inputs and rock dust.
also fed with fresh wormcastings, liquid seaweed and microbes. Fed water for the last 4 weeks as i had some nitrogen toxicity.
highly recommended for a budget led flowering a footprint of 3x3ft.
I had some questions about dimming the light and setting the current to the wattage and they e-mailed me back the next day with all the info so great customer service!
happy growin guys!