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What’s up DGC?

So my girlfriend likes to try and keep her summer plants, alive, inside, throughout the brutal winters. You know, something green and alive to take care of when there’s nothing else to do but garden and have sex because it’s to cold out lol

Anyways,she’s had some hibiscus for a couple of years but this year we found out they were infested with spider mites. I’ve never seen them in real life. Nasty little creatures. I sprayed the hibiscus with sm90, it was the only thing I had laying around and threw the bastards outside, to freeze and die. Now I feel like a Crack head and keep itching myself because it feels like they’re crawling all over me. Burn everything! Lol


Onto my question. I’m super paranoid about my secret garden. It’s across the hall from where these little bastards were setting up camp, behind a door and in some tents. They’d have to try pretty hard to infiltrate but I have heard some horror stories about these things and don’t want to risk anything.

My setup is perpetual, so I’m not going to be able to bug bomb. I am wondering what a good ipm is for spider mites? My flowering tent is what I’m most concerned about, since I have three different stages of plants going. 2 wks in, 6wks in and ones that are waiting to be harvested. I haven’t been in the garden since I found the infestation.

Things I’ve done so far to try and stop them from making the great trek across the hall. Nothing has been done to my secret garden yet, just preventative measures in the room and hall.

Sprayed everything down with sm90. Removed the infected plants. Vacuumed the carpet, Sprayed the carpet down with a mix of sm90, iso alcohol, pepper spray, water mix. Got the carpet pretty wet with this mix, closed the bedroom door, where the infected plants were, opened all the windows in that room to drop the temp down in the teens. Through my close in the washer and dryer on hot and took a shower.

What else is recommended and what else can I do to make sure they don’t find a new home in my garden?

I was thinking about getting lady bugs, just in case but in my 12yrs of gardening I have never had to deal with any creepy crawlies, so this is new to me. Thanks everyone and peace.