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What up Sir dude and your royal Realness! I’m an outdoor grower of 48 delicious looking ladies. Well, actually 44 delicious ladies. You see, I have these 4 Pineapple express in the back corner of the garden that I have been fighting spider mites for the past month. For whatever reason, these plants have always had a CRAZY amount of leaves and foliage proportionate to their size. Even after pruning them, I can still tell there was simply not enough air flow through the plant. The mite problem only confirms this was at least a contributing factor. Every other plant is super happy and healthy. I have foliar fed my plants once a week with a combination of Fish and kelp, Jumpstart, Bio-cozyme, EZ wet and Azamax. Sort of an IPM and nutritional kick at the same time. And yes Scotty… Recharge as well. So my questions begin: 1. Am I trying to foliar too many products at one time? 2. What are my options this late in flower? 3. What precautions do I take when harvesting the infected plants?