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Hey there fellas, I recently have found some spider mite activity in my veg tent on a couple of autos I threw in there. I have pruned the sugar leaves which had lots of webbing on them and then sprayed the plants with a 1/10 alcohol water mix. Not ideal but its what I had available during the holidays. I have been careful not to spray the buds with the alcohol mix but i’m wondering if there is anything I can spray other than just ice water if I need to. Or anything else I can use to eliminate these mites before I move the CBD plants to the flower tent. So currently in the veg tent there are some photo period cbd plants and the couple of autos. Currently there is no sign of mites in the flower tent. id like to make sure that the mites don’t come in with the photos as there is sign of mite activity on them. Also other than predatory bugs and ice water spray is there any good way to save the harvest late in flower?