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I have been fighting a spider mite infestation for about two weeks and it just seems to be getting worse. I originally thought it was a nutrient deficiency until I turned over a leaf (which I should have done earlier). I have been rotating two different insecticides and keeping fans on the plant during the day. Webs started to show up this morning for the first time this morning and I am wondering when, if I ever do I give up and kill this plant. What do I do when it comes time to harvest and they are still there? I don’t have any other outdoor plants but do have two plants in my indoor grow tent that I worry I may inadvertently introduce them to my inside plants. The infected plant doesn’t look terrible, just small for it’s age, see attached picture. She is a Granddaddy Purple and was planted from seed at the end of April and I am in Massachusetts. I have been cutting off yellowing leaves along with the fan and insecticide regiment. Should I try other methods, Neem Oil? Lady Bugs? DE? What would you guys do if it were your plant? Thanks so much for your show, I appreciate any advice you have.  – Shane