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What up dudes.  I’ve been working to figure out what’s going on with my plants and am struggling.  First problem (from a question I posted a few days ago) looked like possible Mosaic Virus on two plants. One of them was showing signs that it was male anyway so I tossed the fuckers.  Now I’ve got these yellowish gold spots showing up on my leaves.  Not all of the leaves but maybe 4-6 leaves total throughout the 7 plants that I have left and the affected leaves are older growth.  I looked at them with my 60x jewelers loupe and didn’t see anything that looked like a mite- but this is my second grow so I’m far from an expert.  I also think I should probably get a 100x usb microscope but it seems like most people get along just fine without those so I’m not sure how much value it would add.

It does look like there are some really tiny bubbles on the leaves (that’s the best description I’ve got). Not sure if they are normal, eggs, or something else.

I’m looking for some guidance on the best course of action.  I’m not currently spraying them with anything for pest management but Im guessing I should start on a regular schedule for preventative measures. What would be your recommendation for that?

Lastly and most importantly,  what do you guys think the spots are? I’ve tried upping the Cal-Mag but no luck.  I’m using GH three part in coco with the addition of GH Cal-Mag and Silica. Temps around 72-77 degrees, 50-55% RH, HLG QB 260W dimmed to 150 watts. Two small fans for circulation and a 4″ exhaust fan.

Thanks guys