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What’s growing on Dude, Scotty & DGC. I’ve noticed a lot of the DGC identifying springtails. And realize the dude is into nematodes for certain pest control. One beneficial I haven’t seen mentioned is oribatid mites. Oribatid mites feed on decaying organic materials, dead springtails and can also be predatory. Some feed on living plant matter also, I have¬†¬†personally not experienced this. But when i first noticed them I thought i had a bad bug almost broke out the guardian…joking. I did freak a bit, but first thing i always do is check the dgc site and google things. No need to nuke good bugs and kill microbes. After research i used a loop and identified only 6 legs. From there realized its a soil mite. I’m not sure how i ended up hosting springtails, oribatid mites, and nematodes in my media, but i consider it good fortune. I can say at 1st i had so many springtails that every water I sucked up 1000’s of them removing run off. Then I noticed oribatid mites. The population balanced out. Later in the year I saw two fungus gnats on my sticky trap began scoping around and noticed little clear worms. Never seen another fungus gnat yet. I realize i’m rambling on in my defense I’m baked. I have nothing growing on to question or attend to so just hope mentioning oribatid mite and posting a few pictures can help a dgc out with a bug identification. Or if i’m incorrect on my identification a dgc can point that out. We’re in this together in some special way.