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What’s up DGC? I have been greenhouse growing feminized seeds for the past several years. This year, I found that most of the strains I wanted were only available as regular seeds. I ended grabbing lots of reg seed from Irie Genetics, Raw Genetics, Pacific Coast, and Solfire Gardens.

This will be my first year growing regular seeds and I’m not sure how to go about sexing them. My plan is to pop 3 seeds of each strain I want to grow, veg them for 4-6 weeks in my grow room, then take cuttings from each plant, mark them, and place the cuttings in a clone dome (or something similar) under 12/12 light in a different room immediately, to determine sex. At which point I would pull the males from the grow room, and continue vegging the biggest female of each strain for another week or 2, or until my greenhouse season begins. I dont have much experience with cloning, but this seems like the best way for me, because I prefer growing the plant that sprouted from the seed, as opposed to the clone taken from it (seeds seem to have more vigor and better structure than clones, in my experience.) What do you guys think of this plan?

Big thanks to Dude, Scotty, Guru, and the rest of the DGC. Being around this community has helped bring my growing to the next level!