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Here is my tent.  Flipped the timer 46days ago.

4×4 tent, mars hydro fce4800 (480w bar led), feeding my 3gal tupur coco with floraflex nutrients 4times a day with the growtek fertigation manager.  (Controls what individual pots get according to their runoff scales – adaptive watering.)

Also giving fascilitor silicic acid.

Ethos – mac n jack

Square 1 – Frozen Fuel (Tahoe og x bbc)

Square 1 – grape rock candy x bbc

Irie genetics- orange gasm

Robinhood – apple ztrudel in a solo cup

Not enough room for pictures of all. But you can see it on IG or YT newbienugs if interested. Frozen fuel and grc are winning by frost levels so far. Still early. But orange gasm is the tent winner I thing. Huge leaves. Funny when defoliating you think a stem ends somewhere but it ends up being 4 branches over and 3 nodes down 12inches away.