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Hey what’s up Scotty, Guru, and the Dude?! Hope all is well out y’all’s way!! Figured I’d drop a couple pics of some Dank Nugs I’ve recently harvested from a 3×3 Autoflower grow as well as show ya what I got on the way!! The photos are a 1:1 cbd/thc Pink Kush Autoflower that is almost ready for harvest and looks owe goo-wee!! I have nerve damage in my hands and the CBD helps with the pain while the THC eases the brain!! The final pic shows how I’m growing these lovely ladies. They are in a 30 gallon tote using Royal Gold tuper for the soil and Blue Planet Farmers Pride nutrients along with some Cal/Mag and of course a healthy dose of RECHARGE with every feed!! It’s almost time for them to get the final chop!! Crazy how different the 2 phenos are. One is covered in orange furry hair and is a deep green bud while the other is lime green bud and just sugar coated in trichomes. I’m hoping to Make the Dank Nugs section of the video show AGAIN!! You guys featured another grow I had once before on Episode 948 and I felt like a damn celebrity when I popped up on the show, I had to tell all my friends and family about it!! 😂😎🌴🔥 Big ups and Growers Love DGC