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Just started my first all organic grow about two weeks ago and just needed to show how beautiful things looked today. Currently set up in a 3’x6’x4′ tent with a 2’x4’x1′ DIY raised fabric bed under 2 100W amazon LEDs and 1 Rapid LED 100W Plug and Play. My soil mix is Biobizz Light Mix and worm castings amended with¬†Organically Done Organic Easy. Recharge will be used at most if not all waterings and I will be brewing teas as soon as my air pump arrives.

In the bed there are 9 cannabis plants, 2 strawberry plants, a pineapple plant, and cover crop which I have obviously gone overboard with (I thinned it down significantly after these photos were taken). Everything in the bed has exploded with growth at a rate I’ve never seen before. A scrog net is going to be used to battle the low height of my tent.

I’d love to hear from anyone else that grows or has grown in raised beds. I plan to build a gravity fed watering system as hand watering will be impractical with the scrog net. If anyone has any nice simple designs I would really appreciate the ideas.