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Hey guys and happy New Year. I have decided to try my hand at a photo period plant and have a 2x2x4 vivosun grow tent. Its small which is why I currently use as a dry tent. I ended up buying another 2x2x4 tent to start a perpetual grow with autos and ended up being only able to fit one 3 gal or four 1 gal but the four 1g would produce just as much as the one 3 gal so long story short I had a spare 2x5x7ft closet I now use as my main grow with 3x 85w LED full spec and 1 300w (140w blurple shit). I ordered myself a new AC infinity 4 in fan with temp control, 1 more 85w LED and bought a small humidifier as well as a Govee Wi-Fi hygrometer on Amazon. Pretty legit so far. So I am setting the tent up with a 5 gal Radicle Bag in a hydro store bought coco-perlite mix (coco-tek) with of course my EWC and Recharge. I am going to use a 85w LED(same as i am using in my other grow) with the AC fan on top of the tent with carbon filter (scrubber attached during flowering only). I have a dial controller for the fan as well as the same setup with a Vivosun fan for intake. I’m hoping to save some money like $250 and get a small portable AC unit for the room i’m growing in that way i don’t have to run my whole house AC to control the RH in the room thus making the environment in the tent stable. Any suggestions on a portable unit that won’t break the bank? I was going to do window unit but i don’t know my neighbors well and I live in prohibition land.not sure if window unit will send off any suspicions.
I am growing autoflowers in the closet and in the other corner of the room i will have the tent set up. Next question is on the Seeds here now Alien seeds. Are these Fem or Regular? I want to grow 1 of these in the 5 gal. I am thinking keeping her in veg and training lightly with LST as i do with my autos and after 50-60 days depending on quick she recovers i will flip to a 12/12. I have never don’t this but I assume it is no difference at all. I don’t have light leaks in the tent so that shouldn’t be an issue. Any strain you would suggest first? I am still waiting for my Radicle Bags to come in and until then i will wait to here back from the DGC. Thanks guys.