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What up DGC

I’m posting this for addman as a reply to his question about feeding his starts in jiffy pellets.

I have used these for some time starting  peppers, tomatoes, and a few others.

This method I like to use has always worked well for me, although I understand not necessary it does work & I feel that it is a way to prevent distress on the roots.

As soon as I see a sprout pop in the pellet, I remove it from the dome and plant the pellet into a jiffy pot using a quality soil. Burying  the pellet yet leaving the sprout above the pot. And I sprinkle on top a little mycos (mycorrhiza).

I Mix a quarter teaspoon of Alaskan fish fertilizer into a 1 quart sprayer, and water in daily.

After a week or two when the plant has grown wider than the pot, I plant the pot and all into a 1 or 2 gal transplant bag same as before this time I sprinkle a little mycos into the hole before I set the pot.

Continue watering with the fish fertilizer mix until the quart is gone then mix a half teaspoon fish  fertilizer into the spray bottle and carry on.

After several more weeks, the plant will be tall and wider than your bag.

At this time you can transplant into any size pot or even the earth and you will be good to go, as roots will be well established at this time.

The transplant bag can be easily cut and torn away from the rootball without a disturbance of the roots.

Hope this may help with future endeavors.