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Hello Dude, Scotty, Guru

I am a patreon of the show and I am from sedalia MO, about to start 2nd grow in which I am excited!!!! I am growing some green crack autos from captain redbeards. Always good seeds and genetics. I will be using some fox farm, defiantly Recharge a lot of it lol and I bought a bag of nectar of the gods one shot pellets to mix in my strawberry fields soil. I have also purchased a hlg 100 R Spec and i also run a mars hydro ts 1000 I believe having them both this grow will be better. Also i am in a 2×4 tent in my laundry room. Vented to my attic. And intake air from the air in the house. Also gonna try to run a blu bird temp controller that I think hooks to a app on my phone, not a pulse but something similar. I wanted some of advice with the one shot pellets and how much nutrients should I use with the pellets? I know less is more especially with autos, also gotta say one more time thank you for showing me Radicle Bags this my first time using them and I know roots love air and from my understanding its very hard to overwater? Any advice would be much appreciated and I am so grateful for the show its for real taught me patience and self teaching skills I believe Guru said that was a life skill that would be good on a resume “see I listen” lol. I feel like you guys are my friends cause I have learned most grow knowledge from you and other DGC. Smoke on, grow on, and be kind and giving to others that’s the growers way of living. Much love “no homo” lol.

P.S. thanks for the free seeds i got seats taken awesome name for a strain. Also got number 25 /100 of the DGC hats guru wears. Awesome hats also pictures are from my first grow big bud autos from captain redbeards. Got 8 ounces 4 autos. First grow with one mars hydro.