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Greetings to the DGC from prohibition land.  I am a brand new patron of The DudeGrows show, and just ordered my first bag of Recharge.  I am a first time grower, and started my new grow a couple of months ago in a Cool Grows 20″x36″x63″ grow tent, growing Bruce Banner Fast Femininized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. running General Hydroponics Flora series 10-part nutrient system under two Bloom Plus 1500s, which are 150 watts each.  I am also using a 4″ AC Infinity exhaust fan with a carbon filter and noise muffler. I stumbled onto this channel while researching how to grow, and have been glued to this channel ever since. It is difficult to describe how fun and therapeutic growing really is, and how cool it is to be part of a group that loves to grow.

Since I am in the deep south in prohibition land, it is quite necessary to conceal my grow for obvious reasons.  I had to get really creative concerning how to hide my tent, and I feel I have a solution that really works for me. I wanted to share this, as it may inspire others who are also in prohibition land.  I decided that I needed somewhere to clone, but didn’t have the space for another tent. My solution was to put a tall dome in a cardboard box. I decided to use a Hefty 32 quart High Rise storage bin with some holes drilled in it, a T5 full spectrum florescent light, a small battery powered fan, and a cardboard box.  I have attached some pictures of my stealth grow hacks for you to look over and discuss.  Let me know what you think.  Much thanks to everyone at The Dudegrows channel, and all the very cool and wonderful people that make up the DGC.  Keep on a growin and a learnin!

Your buddy,


PS: You can follow my grow at https://growdiaries.com/grower/budders

Bruce Banner Fast Version plants in Cool Grows 20"x36"x63" tent.Bruce Banner Fast Version plants in Cool Grows 20"x36"x63" tent. Bruce Banner Fast Version buds. Bruce Banner Fast Version buds.

Outside closet.

Grow closet?

What is in there?

AC Infinity controls behind clothes.

Stealth clone box.

Velcro fasteners for box.

Clone dome, T5 Florescent light and small fan.

Clones after trimming and replanting tallest plants.


Clones touching top of dome.