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Whattup Dude, Scotty, Guru & the DGC!!!

The pics I posted are some clones I obtained from a friend that had some heavy purple stems. These clones came out of a cloner bucket and had a huge root system that was chopped down to fit in the Solo cups. I’m not sure what nutrients (if any) were used in the cloner bucket.

Fast forward to today… you can see the base of the plant is still solid purple, but after I transplanted and gave it some nutrition the fresh growth became green with purple stripes (seen in the middle and top pics).

Can anyone explain some of the stem discoloration taking place, why its happening, how to correct it? I assume ‘P’ has something to do with it, but I can’t tell if its deficiency vs lockout. What about the purple stripes, does that still indicate an issue? Or is that just a byproduct of the nutrient issues from when it was a clone?  Or is it STRAIN DEPENDANT ??  *takes a bong rip*